Minecraft Airship Mod 1.7.9


Minecraft Airship Mod 1.7.9 adds in an easy to fly (boat controls) Airship to Minecraft. You can now take to the skies in your own Airship.

All credits goes to the creator of this mod: pchan3

Minecraft Airship Mod 1.7.9


  • sheep says:

    I <3 this mod ! Thanks for sharring !

  • peto says:

    Your great ! Mod just tested. I need to watch on youtube how to fly this thing

  • William M. says:

    Thanks all is ok. Site sharred with friends

  • Norma says:

    super site.

  • Cameron says:

    mod installed, its time to play

  • Mary says:

    mod tested on 1.4.2, thanks

  • hunter says:


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