Minecraft Dragons Mod 1.7.9
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Minecraft Dragons Mod 1.7.9

This is Minecraft Dragons Mod 1.7.9 which adds dragons into your game. Dragons can fly when ridden on and can be tamed, but you must train it. If you ride it too much without success, it will start attacking you, but if it does this, you can still attempt to tame it. Once tamed, dragons will not despawn, and you can fly them around.

All credits goes to the creators of this cool mod: thehippomaster and SpaceInvaders

10 comments for “Minecraft Dragons Mod 1.7.9”

Thanks, mod tested and working

Mod is working. Thank you

downloading your mod now ! Thanks for it

I tested it. All works great

lol, I can fly on this dragon :D thanks

all is ok for me. super mod

I love this game. nice mod

Mod installed, all is ok. :D

jonathangoldthorp, 31 August, 2012 at 6:41 pm

does it require modloader

@jonathangoldthorp, yes it does.

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